Breathable Modal Hijab - Rose


Voile Chic Breathable Modal Hijabs

Our cotton modal hijabs are made from a very soft and breathable fabric.  If you look very closely you can see very fine holes which makes these perfect in hot or humid weather.  They are hand dyed and extremely durable.

Lightweight, Breathable and Practical

Cotton Modal hijabs are the perfect choice if you are looking for a lightweight, breathable fabric.  They are especially recommended for hotter weather because out of all our fabric options, they will provide the most comfort in the heat.  They are very thin but not transparent providing you with a lightweight practical option.

While we try our best to ensure product colors shown are a true depiction of the actual product colors, we do not guarantee a true color match.

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Breathable Modal Hijab - Rose

Amran Firin
Love it

They are perfect

Ola Nosseir
Light and airy

I love it except for the ironing!


Very good breathable material and very beautiful color

Sheeba Arif
Perfect for summer!

These scarves are so lightweight and the colors are gorgeous! I don't like wearing chiffon and I wanted something breathable for summer. It's really hard to find hijabs made from high quality woven fabrics (not the super synthetic viscose/polyester blends), but these were perfect! You can dress them up or down and wear them with or without pins. Overall I was really happy with the colors I bought and will likely buy more! I just wish they were a little wider. Also more colors please!!!

Noor Abdallah
Love the material

Such beautiful material and so easy to style