These Muslim Fitness Bloggers are killing the game! 💪

When it comes to getting fit, a little inspiration goes a long way. Whether you're looking for exercise ideas, inspiration for modest gym outfits or delicious, healthy recipes, these ladies have you covered. We bring you (in no particular order), 5 fitness bloggers that are killing the game right now!
1. Zehra Allibhai
A certified trainer, fitness instructor and mother of 2, Zehra is making waves in the fitness game. Her website, TheFitNest, features everything from food to lifestyle and everything in between. Her light-hearted and practical approach to a healthy lifestyle makes her relatable to everyone from beginners to fitness junkies. She regularly posts at-home workout videos with minimal equipment making it easy for anyone to follow along. 
Check out her instagram at @zallibhai 
2. Saman Munir
Many may know her as @makeuphijabs from her online fashion and beauty presence. What you may not know, however, is behind all her stylish outfits is a woman is not afraid to lift weights! The mom of 3 posts a variety of at-home and gym workouts and sometimes even incorporates her children. Saman's no-excuse attitude is definitely one we can all be inspired by. 
Check out her instagram at @sfm_fitness 
3.Nour Samaha
Nour is 21 year old college student who is passionate about health and fitness. After battling eating disorders throughout her youth, she found power lifting helped give her a sense of strength both physically and mentally. She regularly posts healthy meal ideas and workout videos on her Facebook page, which can be found here.
Check out her instagram at @noursfit
4. Laiba Zaid 
Laiba is a beauty and fitness blogger with an upbeat personality and unique style. With a whopping 1.3 million followers on Instagram and almost half a million subscribers on YouTube, Laiba has definitely made her mark...and it doesn't stop there! She also runs online fitness classes with her mom. Laiba shows us that you never have to compromise who you are in order to do what you love. 
 Check out her instagram at @bodmonzaid
5. Elhum Oskui 
This supermom of one knows how to work out and look good doing it! If you're looking for stylish yet modest gym wear inspo, Elhum's Instagram page is the place to go. She posts gym-based and outdoor exercise videos with the aim to inspire women to take time from their busy lives to also focus on themselves. 
Check out her instagram at @eot_fit 
Whether you are a beginner or a fitness lover, one thing you can take from these bloggers is that they are all unapologetically themselves. They each maintain their Muslim identities while promoting what they love, and that's something we can all look up to. 
Did we miss any of your favourite fitness bloggers? Let us know in the comments
Siram T.

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