The Hijabi Sisterhood

There's a community that comes with wearing a hijab. We use terms like "sisterhood" frequently, but what does that actually look like? For us, one of the best communal aspects of wearing a hijab is the shared experience.

Picture this.

It's the first day of school, and you are in a lecture hall full of strangers. You are shy and struggle with meeting new people. You scan the room, and lock eyes with another hijabi. She waves at you, and motions for you to come sit with her. After class, you grab a coffee, and talk about your schedules and realize you are both applying to the same program. You exchange phone numbers, and set up a study date for that weekend. Congratulations. Your hijab just made you a friend. 

 These shared experiences create a sisterhood. And we owe our sisters compassion, love, and friendship.

This is an experience many of us have had.

We connect with other human beings based on similarities, and the hijab is a hyper visible shared identity. But there are also other experiences with hijab that many of us share. And one that we don't talk about enough as a community, are our personal struggles with hijab. As a community and as a sisterhood, it's important that we support each other through struggles and blessings. That means having difficult conversations,  listening to each other and speaking with love and kindness.

Over the last two weeks, we've been asking our Instagram community to share their hijab stories, and words of encouragement for anyone struggling with hijab. The responses were beautiful. This is the type of environment we need to create for each other. One where we feel supported in our faith and our growth.

Inshallah this is a community we can continue to grow, both online and offline. If there is a way that we can support you in your hijab journey, please let us know. 

The Voile Chic Team

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