Say No to Slipping: How to Keep Your Hijab in Place!

We all know the struggle of trying to keep our hijabs in place, especially on busy days when we need our hijabs to just stay put!  It's time to tackle the issue!

We've compiled a number of helpful tips that you can use to keep that hijab in place so that you can conquer the day in confidence!

1. Under caps!

What is an under cap?

An under cap is simply a tube under scarf, that is meant to be worn underneath before wrapping a hijab. 

What does it do?

The under cap is a great way to keep your hijab from slipping. Wrapping a hijab over your hair can cause the hijab to shift and slip throughout the day because of the texture of the hair. An under cap creates a non-slippery base, which keeps your hijab in place all day. 

Please note:  Not all are under caps are the same and quality matters.  A good quality tube under cap is snug (so it doesn't slip off your head) and won't stretch out over time. 

Where can you get them?

We carry a number of different types of under caps! Simply head on over to the "Necessities" section of our website, or click here!  You don't have to worry about these stretching out after a few wears like other under caps on the market.

Bonus:  Sometimes an under cap can also help with avoiding oil stains on chiffon hijabs. Having a barrier between your hair and the hijab can help with absorbing any excess oil, saving your hijab from oil stains! 

2. No Snag Pins & Straight Pins!


We know that pins can sometimes be a pain, and rather inconvenient. However, they can be a huge help with keeping your hijab in place! Using a no snag pin (pictured above - these won't snag and ruin your hijab like the traditional safety pins) to secure the hijab under your chin, and a straight pin to secure the hijab on the side will make sure the hijabs does not move.

Please note:  Quality matters!  Some cheap pins are rough along the metal and some rust quickly.  Say away from these!  They will snag your hijabs and ultimately ruin them!

3. Fabric!

It's also important to mention that the fabric of your hijab plays a huge role as well. If you're wanting to wear a chiffon hijab and hate when it slips, try going for a chiffon with more texture like our "non-slip" premium chiffon hijabs.  A smoother one will work too but it has to be really light weight and flexible like our luxury chiffon hijab wraps. 

Some people thought they would never try chiffon hijabs but after trying our "non-slip" premium chiffon wraps, they couldn't be happier and would never go back!

If you really don't want to wear a tube under cap and hate pins, try jersey hijabs wraps.  They stretch so they always have a snug fit, they won't slip and they look really good.  See our Dusty Rose Premium Jersey pictured below.

4. Styling! 

How you style your hijab is also very important! Different styles wear differently: a loose style will move around more, whereas a style that is wrapped more securely will not. If you prefer a more loose style, make sure to wear an under cap, it will help minimize the slipping! 

So There You Have It!

Be sure to implement the tips above and say 'Goodbye' to the days of constantly adjusting your hijab through out the day!

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