Master The Art of Layering This Winter!

Winter is around the corner and we all know that this means we can officially go layer crazy! Take advantage of the cool temperatures to come, and amp up your style by layering like a pro. 


Top: French Connection 

An easy way to start off your layering journey is to find a couple basic clothing pieces. A basic top is the perfect place to start when it comes to layering. Play around with the length, style, colour, and fabric to achieve a new and unique look each time! 

Tip: When it gets super cold outside, switch up your basic top with a basic turtle neck for ultimate comfort and warmth! 


Cardigan: Cos

Your basic top needs a friend, a cardigan friend. Add a cozy knit cardigan to your outfit for some extra warmth.


Jacket: Zara

Why stop there? Top off your outfit with a cool and casual denim jacket to finish off the look.   

Scarf: Zara

Don't forget that you can also play around with accessories and scarves! Throw on a bulky scarf for the perfect cozy look! And Voila, you've mastered the art of layering. 


Before You Go, Here are some things to keep in mind: 



Layering involves creating a unique colour palette. You want to keep in mind that you don't want to overdo it with an overwhelming amount of colour, or with colours that don't go well together. So, always start off by thinking of the colour scheme you're going for when attempting to layer.

This season, we are seeing a flood of gorgeous colours like burnt orange, forest green, chocolate brown, and maroon that have recently been in style. Try to start off your outfit with neutral colours like black or white, and add onto it with a pop of colour, like the ones mentioned above. This will give the outfit a unique touch without the presence of an overwhelming amount of colour.

When in doubt, stick to neutrals! You can never go wrong with a neutral colour scheme. 



Fashion is all about trying new things. Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone by trying new clothing pieces, colours, patterns, and fabric!   


Take these pointers as a guideline to creating your own unique style. When it comes to fashion, it's okay to break the rules. Wear whatever you love, and rock whatever makes you feel amazing!


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